scrapbooking your memories

Scrapbooking Close to My Heart

scrapbooking your memoriesThere is nothing I can stress more than the importance of keeping memories alive through scrapbooks. It is an invaluable investment in you and your family.

From generation to generation, you’ll leave a legacy of love.

Give some thought to the following: What makes up your family history?

What are the elements of your personal history?

Consider the following when thinking of the importance of carrying on your legacy. This is also a good place to start in planning your scrapbooks.

You as a baby! What was going on in the world at that time? (The internet will serve as a great source for historical events and timelines.)

Your childhood and memories of growing up.

Your school years including sports, extracurricular activities, awards, teachers, various school you’ve attended, playmates and special friends.

Vacations you’ve taken.

Holidays celebrated including birthdays, religious celebrations, etc.

Siblings of course! And grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and any other special people in your life as you were growing up.

People close to you that are no longer around, you can dust memorial ashes for the adventureous scrapbooker.

Weddings, anniversaries and other milestones celebrated.

Vintage Scrapbook
Vintage Scrapbook

How you met your spouse from courting days to marriage.

Plans, goals and dreams for the future.

From generation to generation, you’ll live forever in the heart of those who enjoy your scrapbook.

What size scrapbook should I use?

Should I use 12 x 12, 9 x 9 or 6 x 6? For some of us, choosing our scrapbook size can be a dilemma. I’ve found that the 12×12 size is a little more comfortable to work with. You have plenty of room, not only for your photographs but also for journaling and adding stamped designs that help tell the story.

You’ll find you have plenty of room to incorporate lots of background & texture paper for added color, character and pizzazz! On the flip side, some of you will find all that space overwhelming. If you’re undecided, give each sizes a try. See what’s most comfortable for you.

6×6 Exclusive Scrapbooks

For scrapbook simplicity, my very favorite album is a 6×6 album. These wonderful little scrapbooks can be your ticket to the start of a whole new concept in scrapbooking! Quick and easy to complete while “weaving” memories throughout, these beautiful scrapbooks are a treasured gift to create as well as to give away.

Consider the following themes for your 6×6 scrapbook:

  • 100 Memories That Make Me Smile
  • Happy Days
  • The Seasons of our Family
  • The School of Life
  • My Big Book of Friends
  • Cookin’ Up Memories

Can you see the endless possibilities of these wonderful scrapbook concepts? Creating a 6×6 Weekend Treasure requires no more than a 6×6 scrapbook, cardstock, Memory Protectors, your favorite Inks, My Acrylic stamps and our exclusive background & texture papers. Oh yes, and don’t forget your favorite photos! What a great start to creating something lasting and oh, so worthwhile. Why not get started TODAY!


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