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Rubber Stamps and Scrapbooks


Many people will ask “Can I use rubberstamps in my scrapbooks?” The answer is a resounding YES!! You can create beautiful, loving scrapbooks with the use of  rubber stamps.

Choose a scrapbooking line that provides you with acid-free, fade proof, photo-safe, lignin free, and archival safe products.

Now is the perfect time to take those photos you’ve just picked up and display them in a beautiful scrapbook album. Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions about rubberstamping in your scrapbooks:

Q: Is it safe to use stamps in a scrapbook?

A: Absolutely! Stamping in scrapbooks has been done successfully for years. The Stamp Advantage:

My Acrylixtm stamps provide versatility that is not available with pre-made papers, clip art, die-cuts, software or stickers. You can stamp your image on any color of paper, at any time and in any place. And the best part?

Stamps allow you the freedom of arranging a page around your pictures instead of having to arrange your pictures around a page.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do. You can “theme” each page individually with your stamps and use any content you want like birth certificates, photos, unique star certificates (find out how to name a star after someone) or just draw something!

Every image can be used in a variety of different themes and looks. This means that every stamp you buy is an investment that can be used over and over again on endless pages and projects.

Your pages will be the perfect reflection of you and your tastes as you select your favorite designs and color them to best suit your layout! Stamping in your scrapbook allows your creativity to flourish and when you use acid-free products.

Q: Why is it important to use acid-free products?using rubber stamping for scrapbooking

A: Time and an acidic photo album are the biggest enemies to your photographs.

Acid weakens paper and causes the accelerated deterioration of photographs (such as discoloration, fading, or yellowing) as it migrates from the paper to the photo attached to it. As a result, papers that are high in acid, like newsprint, become brittle and yellow and have a very short life span.

Preserve your family memories and precious photographs for future generations by carefully selecting the types of products (papers, ink, glues, etc.) you are using in your album.

Q: Why are page protectors important?

A: Your photos are extremely delicate, and often irreplaceable, treasures.

By simply flipping through your photographs, you are subjecting them to a number of highly destructive culprits. After taking special care to surround your pictures with photo-safe materials, would you want to risk damage from messy fingerprints and dust?

Besides keeping pictures safe from harmful environmental elements, a page protector also prevents abrasion from occurring when pages rub together. They also shield your memories from migrating acid.

Caring for your new stamps is easy. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy using your wonderful images!

1. Carefully remove an image from the carrier sheet by gently peeling it away. Loosening it from all edges first is a good idea and will prevent the edges from any tearing.

2. Dampen the Double Scrubber using the My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner. Immediately clean each image after stamping.

3. Keep your mounting blocks looking spiffy by spraying with My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner then wipe clean with our new Microfiber Cloth.

4. Dust, dirt, and oils may cause your images to become less sticky over time. If this happens, simply wash them in mild dish soap and water followed by air drying to restore their original “stick”.

5. Over time, you may notice your stamps turning a golden ember color. This is a normal aging process and does not affect the functionality of your image. Storing your images in their frosted envelopes will slow the aging process.

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