cute and kissable Blarney Stone

Cute Blarney Stone Paperweight

cute and kissable Blarney StoneAlthough you might never get a chance to visit the real Blarney Stone in southwestern Ireland, your children can make their own cute version to decorate their desk. In fact, this version of the Blarney Stone is so cute that it will probably get more kisses than the real Blarney Stone does.

This craft is quick and easy enough for even a young child to make, and is fun!

Materials You Will Need

To make your own cute and kissable Blarney Stone, you will need some very basic and inexpensive materials. Of course, your child can make his or her stone as simple or as elaborate as they desire. If your child is particularly creative or artistic, they might enjoy having even more embellishment materials to use.

1 – Clean, smooth medium-sized rock (river rocks work quite well)
Green acrylic paint
Artist’s brush
Fast-drying tacky craft glue
Markers, paint pens, or other colors of acrylic paint

2 – “Googly eyes”
Glitter, yarn, pipe cleaners, plastic jewels, sequins, small pom-poms and other embellishments as desired
Plastic tablecloth or other waterproof material (used to protect the table or work surface)
Small containers (to be used for acrylic paints)

Preparing the Blarney Stone

Before you start to decorate the stone, it’s very important that it is completely clean. If necessary, wash the stone and let it dry completely. Then, cover your work surface with a plastic tablecloth or other waterproof covering before you begin the Blarney Stone decorating process.

Pour some of the green acrylic paint into a small container. Using an artist’s brush, paint the entire stone green. Because the stone should be painted green on all sides, it can be helpful to paint one side of the stone and let it dry.

Then, you can flip the stone over so that another section can be painted. When the entire stone has been painted green, set it aside until it is completely dry.

Decorating the Blarney Stone

Once the green paint is completely dry, you can start decorating the stone. Start by gluing the googly eyes onto the stone. You can use a marker, paint pen or other acrylic paint colors to add a nose and mouth. Or, use small pom-poms, sequins, small plastic jewels or other embellishments to create the stone’s face.

Once the face is in place, you can use other materials to add more details. Small pieces of yarn or pipe cleaner sections can be used to give the Blarney Stone a cute “hair-do.” Markers can be used to add eyebrows, freckles, ears, stars, tattoos or other details.

You could also add a bit of sparkle to the stone by adding some glitter or fiberglass pipe for legs and arms. Once your Blarney Stone is decorated the way you like it, let everything dry. You now have a cute St. Patrick’s decoration that your child can use on his or her desk as a paperweight.

In fact, this stone is so cute that your child will probably want to keep him around all year long.

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