Basic Scrapbooking Techniques

scrapbooking Are you new at scrapbooking? You can start your first scrapbooking project with just a few simple techniques.

You don’t have to know a lot about scrapbooking techniques to create an attractive album. Beginning scrapbookers can start with these basic scrapbooking techniques.

Photo Matting

One of the first things a scrapbooking beginner should learn is how to mat photos. You can do this by simply cutting a square or rectangle that is about a half inch longer and wider than the photo you want to mat. Then glue the photo to the center.

Some scrapbookers use double matting to make a photo stand out.  You can do this too by cutting out a shape a half inch longer and wider than the first mat, and center the matted photo on it.

Pre-cut photo mats are also available in scrapbooking stores and come in different fun shapes.


Journal entries give scrapbook pages a nice personal touch. Simply write a note about the photos on a page including a few details (date, place, activity).  For example, “Today I went to for lunch with my best friend Susan. We talked about the kids and our husbands. She told me a secret about a man from her office that likes her.” Then I’d decorate with “secret” themed stamps and hearts.

You can also share your thoughts on the subject.  Write on a paper that complements the page background, and be sure to write with an acid-free pen.

Using Borders

Adding borders to your pages gives them a finished look. You can make them out of strips of scrapbook paper. You don’t have to border all four sides. A strip along the top, side or bottom will do. For easy embellishing, you can use stickers or printable borders available from the Internet.

There’s no need to throw in the towel if you don’t have enough time, resources or knowledge to create elaborate scrapbooks. Just start off simple by using the basic scrapbooking tools and employing basic scrapbooking techniques. You can learn new techniques as you go.

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