Rubber Stamps and Scrapbooks


Many people will ask “Can I use rubberstamps in my scrapbooks?” The answer is a resounding YES!! You can create beautiful, loving scrapbooks with the use of  rubber stamps.

Choose a scrapbooking line that provides you with acid-free, fade proof, photo-safe, lignin free, and archival safe products.

Now is the perfect time to take those photos you’ve just picked up and display them in a beautiful scrapbook album. Here are some answers to frequently-asked questions about rubberstamping in your scrapbooks:

Q: Is it safe to use stamps in a scrapbook?

A: Absolutely! Stamping in scrapbooks has been done successfully for years. The Stamp Advantage:

My Acrylixtm stamps provide versatility that is not available with pre-made papers, clip art, die-cuts, software or stickers. You can stamp your image on any color of paper, at any time and in any place. And the best part?

Stamps allow you the freedom of arranging a page around your pictures instead of having to arrange your pictures around a page.

It doesn’t matter what you want to do. You can “theme” each page individually with your stamps and use any content you want like birth certificates, photos, unique star certificates (find out how to name a star after someone) or just draw something!

Every image can be used in a variety of different themes and looks. This means that every stamp you buy is an investment that can be used over and over again on endless pages and projects.

Your pages will be the perfect reflection of you and your tastes as you select your favorite designs and color them to best suit your layout! Stamping in your scrapbook allows your creativity to flourish and when you use acid-free products.

Q: Why is it important to use acid-free products?using rubber stamping for scrapbooking

A: Time and an acidic photo album are the biggest enemies to your photographs.

Acid weakens paper and causes the accelerated deterioration of photographs (such as discoloration, fading, or yellowing) as it migrates from the paper to the photo attached to it. As a result, papers that are high in acid, like newsprint, become brittle and yellow and have a very short life span.

Preserve your family memories and precious photographs for future generations by carefully selecting the types of products (papers, ink, glues, etc.) you are using in your album.

Q: Why are page protectors important?

A: Your photos are extremely delicate, and often irreplaceable, treasures.

By simply flipping through your photographs, you are subjecting them to a number of highly destructive culprits. After taking special care to surround your pictures with photo-safe materials, would you want to risk damage from messy fingerprints and dust?

Besides keeping pictures safe from harmful environmental elements, a page protector also prevents abrasion from occurring when pages rub together. They also shield your memories from migrating acid.

Caring for your new stamps is easy. Just follow these simple steps and enjoy using your wonderful images!

1. Carefully remove an image from the carrier sheet by gently peeling it away. Loosening it from all edges first is a good idea and will prevent the edges from any tearing.

2. Dampen the Double Scrubber using the My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner. Immediately clean each image after stamping.

3. Keep your mounting blocks looking spiffy by spraying with My Acrylix Spritz Cleaner then wipe clean with our new Microfiber Cloth.

4. Dust, dirt, and oils may cause your images to become less sticky over time. If this happens, simply wash them in mild dish soap and water followed by air drying to restore their original “stick”.

5. Over time, you may notice your stamps turning a golden ember color. This is a normal aging process and does not affect the functionality of your image. Storing your images in their frosted envelopes will slow the aging process.

Home Improvement Guide

living roomIs your home in dire need of a makeover? Or are you just looking to make a little change here and there just to keep your house looking fresh?

Well here are the tips and advice you’ve been looking for:

• A lick of paint goes a long way. It might be a bit messy but re-painting is the easiest way to make any room look like new. It’s quick and it doesn’t take a lot of effort. The most difficult part about it is probably choosing the right color or colors if you want to make a statement.

• New furniture. This might seem like a no-brainer but it’s often one of the last things people think of. Something as simple as a new dining set can make a big difference to the aspect of your dining room. Whether you get your new pieces from a big store or from a small shabby chic shop make sure they represent who you are and that they’re in line with the rest of the house. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard according to Pearland property management services.

• Stock up on curtains. This is one of the least expensive ways of making a room look like new. You’ll have friends over and they won’t know what you’ve done to your room they’ll just know you’ve done something. This is something easy, cheap and low key and a great way to bring out your personality into your home. If you’re fun and quirky go for a crazy print and if you’re a romantic go for classic florals, if you’re more into the clean look then the best choice for you is pretty white curtains.

Whichever you choose, the most important thing is to make sure it goes with the rest of the room. If your dining sets are monochrome and plain then a busy print will go well with that if not then I’d say don’t risk it.

Hope this helps you a little big and that it’s given you an idea of what you might want to do with your home. Remember, a little change goes a long way!

Cute Blarney Stone Paperweight

cute and kissable Blarney StoneAlthough you might never get a chance to visit the real Blarney Stone in southwestern Ireland, your children can make their own cute version to decorate their desk. In fact, this version of the Blarney Stone is so cute that it will probably get more kisses than the real Blarney Stone does.

This craft is quick and easy enough for even a young child to make, and is fun!

Materials You Will Need

To make your own cute and kissable Blarney Stone, you will need some very basic and inexpensive materials. Of course, your child can make his or her stone as simple or as elaborate as they desire. If your child is particularly creative or artistic, they might enjoy having even more embellishment materials to use.

1 – Clean, smooth medium-sized rock (river rocks work quite well)
Green acrylic paint
Artist’s brush
Fast-drying tacky craft glue
Markers, paint pens, or other colors of acrylic paint

2 – “Googly eyes”
Glitter, yarn, pipe cleaners, plastic jewels, sequins, small pom-poms and other embellishments as desired
Plastic tablecloth or other waterproof material (used to protect the table or work surface)
Small containers (to be used for acrylic paints)

Preparing the Blarney Stone

Before you start to decorate the stone, it’s very important that it is completely clean. If necessary, wash the stone and let it dry completely. Then, cover your work surface with a plastic tablecloth or other waterproof covering before you begin the Blarney Stone decorating process.

Pour some of the green acrylic paint into a small container. Using an artist’s brush, paint the entire stone green. Because the stone should be painted green on all sides, it can be helpful to paint one side of the stone and let it dry.

Then, you can flip the stone over so that another section can be painted. When the entire stone has been painted green, set it aside until it is completely dry.

Decorating the Blarney Stone

Once the green paint is completely dry, you can start decorating the stone. Start by gluing the googly eyes onto the stone. You can use a marker, paint pen or other acrylic paint colors to add a nose and mouth. Or, use small pom-poms, sequins, small plastic jewels or other embellishments to create the stone’s face.

Once the face is in place, you can use other materials to add more details. Small pieces of yarn or pipe cleaner sections can be used to give the Blarney Stone a cute “hair-do.” Markers can be used to add eyebrows, freckles, ears, stars, tattoos or other details.

You could also add a bit of sparkle to the stone by adding some glitter or fiberglass pipe for legs and arms. Once your Blarney Stone is decorated the way you like it, let everything dry. You now have a cute St. Patrick’s decoration that your child can use on his or her desk as a paperweight.

In fact, this stone is so cute that your child will probably want to keep him around all year long.

Things to Consider When Renovating Your Home

renovating your homeAccording to Citizens Information, people in Ireland aren’t obliged by law to insure their homes, but if they have a mortgage, then most lenders will insist that their house is appropriately insured. Getting a home insurance will benefit you in case there were damage to contents and to the structure of your house caused by bad weather or by accident.

Some people love decorating and renovating their homes, but they are often surprised to find out that those changes are not covered by their home insurance. Before planning to improve your home, make sure to have adequate home insurance. Aviva also strongly advises people to read the home care policy and other important documents before acquiring any home insurance to know what are covered in their policy.

Yahoo Homes published an article about ten things that are not covered by most home insurance. Included in the list is damage or injury due to construction work. It says there that if you’re planning to remodel your home, you should look into what’s called a builder’s risk policy, or also known as a “course of construction” policy. By doing so, your home can be protected from damages caused during the construction process.

To make your life easier, just hire a reputable contractor such as since they already have the necessary license and covers all the damages that they may cause on your home. According to the company, quality never happens by accident and it is a result of a well-defined quality management process.

Whether you’re planning to remodel your own home or hire a contractor to help you fix up your home, it is mandatory to get in touch with your insurance representative. Inform him/her the type of work or changes you’re planning to do to your home. If there is a record of renovation or remodeling, then you can go after your claims in case your insurance provider refuses to pay you.

Basic Scrapbooking Techniques

scrapbooking Are you new at scrapbooking? You can start your first scrapbooking project with just a few simple techniques.

You don’t have to know a lot about scrapbooking techniques to create an attractive album. Beginning scrapbookers can start with these basic scrapbooking techniques.

Photo Matting

One of the first things a scrapbooking beginner should learn is how to mat photos. You can do this by simply cutting a square or rectangle that is about a half inch longer and wider than the photo you want to mat. Then glue the photo to the center.

Some scrapbookers use double matting to make a photo stand out.  You can do this too by cutting out a shape a half inch longer and wider than the first mat, and center the matted photo on it.

Pre-cut photo mats are also available in scrapbooking stores and come in different fun shapes.


Journal entries give scrapbook pages a nice personal touch. Simply write a note about the photos on a page including a few details (date, place, activity).  For example, “Today I went to for lunch with my best friend Susan. We talked about the kids and our husbands. She told me a secret about a man from her office that likes her.” Then I’d decorate with “secret” themed stamps and hearts.

You can also share your thoughts on the subject.  Write on a paper that complements the page background, and be sure to write with an acid-free pen.

Using Borders

Adding borders to your pages gives them a finished look. You can make them out of strips of scrapbook paper. You don’t have to border all four sides. A strip along the top, side or bottom will do. For easy embellishing, you can use stickers or printable borders available from the Internet.

There’s no need to throw in the towel if you don’t have enough time, resources or knowledge to create elaborate scrapbooks. Just start off simple by using the basic scrapbooking tools and employing basic scrapbooking techniques. You can learn new techniques as you go.

Top Ten Green Friendly Organic, Reclaimed, Sustainable Baby Gifts

Organic baby giftsorganic, reclaimed, and sustainable baby gifts for Christmas or a baby shower.

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift for that new parent on your list, or even hunting for last minute gift ideas for a baby shower, then the list below will help.

Green friendly, organic, and sustainable gifts are safer for a new baby. Every gift on the list is free from processed dies, chemicals, and other harmful agents. Good for the planet. Good for baby.

1. Organic Baby Quilt: Made from 100% organic cotton and 100% organic wool. The Organic Baby Quilts made by High Desert Naturals come in several modern patterns and colors.

2. Organic Stroller Toys: A certified organic product, these Organic Stroller Toys are made from cotton and natural dyes. The toys come in giraffe and elephant styles.

3. Organic Cotton Teethers: Made and stuffed with 100% cotton, these Organic Cotton Teethers look like a basket of vegetables straight from the farmers market. Sold as a set, the natural wood veggie crate holds tomato, carrot, sweet pea, and mushroom teethers.

4. Eco-Friendly Baby Booties: These Eco-Friendly Baby Booties are made from 100% animal and formaldehyde free materials. They’re super soft, slip on, and have none slip soles. Available in two patterns, you can choose from race car or ballet. Check this for the best price for Pro Choice boots.

5. Baby Bee Spa Gift Basket: From Burt’s Bees, the Baby Bee Spa Gift Basket is a complete set of organic baby products. Set comes with a Bumble Bee plush toy, Baby Bee Buttermilk Bath, Baby Bee Apricot Baby Oil, and Baby Bee Powder all wrapped up in a metal tin.

6. Organic Bamboo Hooded Towel: The Organic Bamboo Hooded Towel is made from 80% organic and sustainable bamboo and 20% recycled polyester. The towels come in four colors.

7. Large Wee Go Baby Bottle: The Large Wee Go Baby Bottles are glass bottles made without harmful chemicals. Each bottle comes with a silicon cover to prevent breaking. The bottles come in two sizes and two colors; blueberry or raspberry.

8. Organic Baby Socks: These Organic Baby Socks come in sets of six, sold in an organic gift box. Each pair of socks is a different color and features a green friendly word pattern.

9. Organic Knit Infant Cap: These Organic Knit Infant Caps are made from 100% certified organic cotton. They come in five colors with a matching fruit or vegetable pattern.

10. Biodegradable Table Topper: The Biodegradable Table Topper is much larger then standard toppers, meaning baby has more room to eat free of the table. They are also completely disposable and biodegradable. The table toppers are sold in sets of 20.

Coffee Table Photo Books

Decorating with Coffee Table BooksOn entering a store for getting coffee table photo books, you are sure to notice that there are several options available.

You would want to get books that would give the guests something to amuse also you might want something that would ass certain decorative elements to you house.

For those people who are looking forward to make an appropriate impression, choose right coffee table book that would go long way. Thus, one needs to keep a few things in mind.

First thing that you would be required to keep in mind is that your photo book should be large. It isn’t any of those books that you need to be stored on shelf. Therefore, it could be large enough to draw attention, no matter where it is kept.

Look out for coffee table photo book which is bright in color and has bold images on cover. Moreover, if the book happens to match the décor of your living room then it would accentuate the room.

While looking out for some fantastic coffee table photo books, you will also come across the animal books. These animal books look attractive, bright and are unlikely to offend anyone. You are certain to find an array of books featuring animal pictures.

You can start off looking out for available options either at the local store or online. In case you are finding a good book for fraction of cost then you might consider heading to the local store and getting what you find. This is probably a great way to highlight room décor.

When you consider decorating the house in watchful fashion, do not miss out the thing that should go on the coffee table. Find best coffee table photo books that appease your tastes and you are sure to find the one with thorough search.

Scrapbooking Close to My Heart

scrapbooking your memoriesThere is nothing I can stress more than the importance of keeping memories alive through scrapbooks. It is an invaluable investment in you and your family.

From generation to generation, you’ll leave a legacy of love.

Give some thought to the following: What makes up your family history?

What are the elements of your personal history?

Consider the following when thinking of the importance of carrying on your legacy. This is also a good place to start in planning your scrapbooks.

You as a baby! What was going on in the world at that time? (The internet will serve as a great source for historical events and timelines.)

Your childhood and memories of growing up.

Your school years including sports, extracurricular activities, awards, teachers, various school you’ve attended, playmates and special friends.

Vacations you’ve taken.

Holidays celebrated including birthdays, religious celebrations, etc.

Siblings of course! And grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and any other special people in your life as you were growing up.

People close to you that are no longer around, you can dust memorial ashes for the adventureous scrapbooker.

Weddings, anniversaries and other milestones celebrated.

Vintage Scrapbook
Vintage Scrapbook

How you met your spouse from courting days to marriage.

Plans, goals and dreams for the future.

From generation to generation, you’ll live forever in the heart of those who enjoy your scrapbook.

What size scrapbook should I use?

Should I use 12 x 12, 9 x 9 or 6 x 6? For some of us, choosing our scrapbook size can be a dilemma. I’ve found that the 12×12 size is a little more comfortable to work with. You have plenty of room, not only for your photographs but also for journaling and adding stamped designs that help tell the story.

You’ll find you have plenty of room to incorporate lots of background & texture paper for added color, character and pizzazz! On the flip side, some of you will find all that space overwhelming. If you’re undecided, give each sizes a try. See what’s most comfortable for you.

6×6 Exclusive Scrapbooks

For scrapbook simplicity, my very favorite album is a 6×6 album. These wonderful little scrapbooks can be your ticket to the start of a whole new concept in scrapbooking! Quick and easy to complete while “weaving” memories throughout, these beautiful scrapbooks are a treasured gift to create as well as to give away.

Consider the following themes for your 6×6 scrapbook:

  • 100 Memories That Make Me Smile
  • Happy Days
  • The Seasons of our Family
  • The School of Life
  • My Big Book of Friends
  • Cookin’ Up Memories

Can you see the endless possibilities of these wonderful scrapbook concepts? Creating a 6×6 Weekend Treasure requires no more than a 6×6 scrapbook, cardstock, Memory Protectors, your favorite Inks, My Acrylic stamps and our exclusive background & texture papers. Oh yes, and don’t forget your favorite photos! What a great start to creating something lasting and oh, so worthwhile. Why not get started TODAY!


Gadgets Getting Too Smart?

smart refrigeratorI just spent a considerable amount of time tinkering with a new computer. All I wanted to do was create a setup disk, and the smart little gizmo won’t let me.

I got stuck when it asked me to choose which drive I wanted to use to create the disk. It would have been easy if only I was given an option I could actually use.

But, instead of the obvious CD-RW drive, the options were all special media readers, for digital camera memory cards and such.

It used to be that I could type in the name of the drive I wanted and the computer would tell me if it was unavailable for whatever reason (no disk in the drive, etc.). But these smart new devices think they know better. And they’re impossible to override, at least by someone not especially tech-savvy. It’s getting to be like it’s almost a NASA star registry just to get something simple done.

Everything from smart kitchen faucets to smart bread makers, things are getting complicated in the kitchen!

I wonder what will become of me when common household gadgets someday have embedded smart computers in them. Fast forward to the future

ME (talking to a voice-activated refrigerator): “I’d like some ice, please.”

REFRIGERATOR (in a voice designed to be both friendly and cool): “Please choose what type of juice you want with your ice.”

ME: “Just ice, no juice.”

REFRIGERATOR: “I’m sorry. I did not recognize that option. Please choose from the following… orange juice, grape juice, cranberry juice, apple juice. You can also choose to make your juice carbonated.”

ME: “I just want ice!”

REFRIGERATOR: “Please choose from the following options… orange juice, grape…”

ME: “No juice! Just ice!”

REFRIGERATOR: “Fruit juice has been proven to contain antioxidants and important vitamins. Please choose from the following options…”

ME… just going to the tap to get cold water.